Beyond Clothing e-Commerce Site

During my time at Beyond I oversaw many aspects of e-commerce and digital marketing. In this post I will review some notable web enhancements I was involved in deploying.

Project: Conversion Rate Optimization via Website Experience
Scope: Review website experience use-ability, mobile first, shop-ability, trust, & reduce friction to buy.

Redesigned Layouts:
1. Homepage - Focused product story and product recommendations above the fold.
2. Drop Down Navigation - Easy navigation and product merchandising banners
3. Product Display Page - Large product images with details, on model, ratings, Afterpay integration to price, large option selectors, size & fit guide, availability, Add to Cart CTA, Product description and specifications.
4. About Us and Info Pages - Redesigned layouts for all info pages.

Enhancements & 3rd Party Integrations:
1. Deferred Payment Method (Afterpay) - Allow customers to make 4 interest free payments to improve CVR.
2. Loop Returns - Building customer confidence with free returns and exchanges automated integration with warehouse management system and customer ability to self service returns. Improving customer experience and return processing times.
3. Expert Voice - Integrated with discounts and education for industry retailers.
4. ID.ME - Integrated discount automation for Veterans, Active Military, Nurses, First Responders, Teaches and Students.
5. Product Recommendations (Lime Spot) - Deployed product recommendations throughout website shopping experience for higher AOV.
6. Site Search - Enhanced site search and category filters for improved shopping experience.
7. Cross Border Shipping (zonos) - Deployed the ability to ship to customers in Canada.
8. Gift Cards Digital and Physical - Integrated with Shopify giftcards system and synchronized with Netsuite ERP for accounting purposes.
9. Product Sizing Charts & Fit Guides - Deployed product sizing charts and fit guides to better gain customer confidence in shopping for the correct size and fit.

Homepage layout
Homepage layout
Navigation Layout
Navigation Layout
Product Display Page Layout
Product Display Page Layout

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