Bicycle Silhouette Illustrations

For Satellite Soda's Daily Draw challenge this February, I wanted to put my vector illustration capabilities to the test. After reading through the site's outline on the daily draw, I decided to go with a theme, so that I can focus on the execution rather than conception each day. With my love for bikes and clean vector lines, I decided to make my theme Bicycle Silhouettes. Check out bikes below. This was my first time participating in the challenge and I found it very productive, challenging indeed, and fun. I will do it again next year.

Vector Illustration of a Unicycle
For those with an extra sense for balance.
Vector Illustration of a Dutch bicycle
Originating in Amsterdam and a Dutch favorite.
Vector Illustration of a Beach Cruiser Bicycle
Long Rides along the beach!
Vector Illustration of a Tandem Bicycle
Two is better then one!
Vector Illustration of a BMX Bicycle
For dirt jumps and city streets. Fun for the reckless.
Vector Illustration of a low rider bicycle
The "Lolo". Triple OG.
Vector Illustration of a penny farthing
A unique way to get around.
Vector Illustration of a track bike
The Track Bike, built for speed on the velodrome.


  1. Kim

    I LOVE these bike drawings! My son is doing his Eagle Scout Project and is collecting bicycles for The Bicycle Collective who then refurbishes them and donates them to those in need. Is there any chance you'd let me use your drawings on the flyer we're passing around the neighborhood?

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