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DudeBros NFT Collection

With the emergence of web3 and NFTs I have been intrigued. As an artist, I love the idea of being able to sell digital work and allowing people to trade them like collectables. I also love the idea of integrating technology like smart contracts that define how the digital art can be purchased and traded.

Mint DudeBros NFTs here

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Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Web3 have been making strides over the recent years and I have made it a point to stay informed as like any new technology advancements, there is potential opportunity for greater public good.

I've recently had some free time to learn more about how NFTs are created and minted. My passion for drawing and graphic design was re-ignited and I decided to kick off my own NFT project.

Original DudeBros Pencil Sketch

Introducing DudeBros NFTs, a collection of 5,000 PFPs (Profile Pictures) or avatars that can be used across the inter-webs. The project started out with hand sketches of 9 characters and 14 background images made in photoshop. Each hand drawn character was vectorized in adobe illustrator and the layers of each character's facial attributes were saved out. This allowed a computer script to reconfigure these character traits into 5,000 different and unique combinations.

I created a minting Dapp where anyone with a hot wallet like Metamask can connect to and mint DudeBro NFTs. Then as the owner of the NFT you can do what you wish of it. List it on open see for sale, use it as a profile image on Web3 or web2 sites, or collect as many as you like and hold them.

Mint your DudeBros.

You can also see minted NFTs on Opensea (NFT Marketplace) here: Opensea DudeBros Collection

The DudeBros are available for a presale price and once 2,500 are sold the minting price will increase.

This was a really fun project. I'll most likely continue to keep producing random NFT projects, so keep a lookout for more to come. Shout out to Hashlips for education resources.

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